VEYA Investments Limited

Veya Investments Limited is a privately-owned oil servicing company founded in 2001. The company offers to its customers the highest quality services and equipment in the field of drilling, oil & gas production, power engineering as well as oil & gas industry engineering.

The core business of the company is the delivery of oil & gas production equipment and related products to the enterprises engaged in production, transportation and processing of hydrocarbon materials in many countries as well as engineering and procurement of oil refineries and power-generating facilities.

Besides we can conduct scheduled maintenance aimed at preventing accidents at oil & gas facilities and eliminating of gas, oil and water inflows and open blowouts as well as conduct the repair work.

Being an authorized dealer of many famous plants and world-wide known manufacturers, the company has the opportunity to render services at all stages of production cycle of any oil & gas facility, from engineering and production up to transportation and production manufacturing.

The client base includes a great number of leading international oil & gas corporations, privately and state-owned companies.

Almost every product and service provided by our company is intended to reduce expenditures, to decrease risks and enhance hydrocarbon recovery.

Company has representative offices in 5 countries, providing services to independent, international and national oil, gas and energy companies.

The aim of the regional management is to understand customer's needs, to coordinate deliveries of the individual products and complex solutions based on the advanced technologies of the leading oil & gas equipment manufacturers.


Company is interested in establishment of business relations and partnerships in order to deliver products, machinery and equipment to the enterprises for:

  • > Gas production and transportation;
  • > Oil production and transportation;
  • > Oil-refining and petrochemical industry;
  • > Power engineering industry.

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