Gas & oil open blowout preventing and capping



VEYA Investments Limited Company is the official representative of à closed joint-stock company Gazprom gazobezopasnost which production has become widely used for oil fields Russia, as well as in the countries of the former USSR, countries of Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

One of the activities of VEYA Investments Limited Company is the delivery of special non-standard equipment, well workover equipment (as well as hydraulic workover equipment) and gas & oil open blowout preventing equipment to Russian and foreign oil and gas companies and enterprises. There is a capability to manufacture the equipment using customers’ production capacities. The company provides procurement of emergency reserves warehouses for customers with specific needs.

The region supplies includes Russia, the former Soviet Union, as well as foreign countries.


Company develops and manufactures the custom built equipment and devices for wells (including pressurized) workover, capping open blowouts, and oil-gas-water ingress elimination.



List of manufactured equipment

(technical specifications).

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