Geophysical equipment

Company VEYA Investments Limited is the official representative of a number of geophysical gear-cutting equipment manufacturers whose products has been widely used in the exploration of petroleum and gas fields in Russia, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

One of the activities of VEYA Investments Limited is supply of Russian and foreign oil and gas companies and enterprises of geophysical equipment and accessories for exploration.

Provider Region includes Russia, the former Soviet Union, as well as foreign countries.


Sources of seismic vibrations «TERRA» type.

Geophysical borehole equipment.

Setup for measuring flow rate wells.

Gyroscopic inclinometers.

Load-bearing geophysical cables of different brands.

Software complex for geophysical data processing.

Container for dipping downhole equipment.

Laboratory and the recording device for geophysical well.

Lift geophysical logging truck.

Inclinometer well system, telemetry complex.

Geological and Technological Research Station of oil and gas boreholes.

Geological Device and Equipment Compex.


Mobile Metrology Laboratory of Geotechnological Investigation (MML GTI).

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