Our company is a partner of Minsk Electrotechnical Plant which is a modern, dynamic enterprise that occupies a high position in the countrys economy. The plant produce a wide range of electric engineering equipment:

- power transformers: dry type (25 to 2500 kVA) and oil-filled (16 to 2500 kVA);

- unitized transformer substations (16 to 1600 kVA);

- multi-purpose transformers (up to 40 kVA);

- current transformers;

- cathodic protection devices.

The produced items meet ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001 International Quality Standards which guarantee their reliability and ecological safety.

The team of professionals constantly works on improvement of the products technical parameters and visual attractiveness, to satosfy demands of today's users.

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Power transformers

Transformer substations

Low power transformers


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