Reciprocating compressors

for process gases.

We have more than 150 years of experience in reciprocating compressor engineering. Our reciprocating compressors are of modular design and meet the recommendations of the API 618, a set of regulations by the American Petroleum Institute.

Stationary 2-stage water-cooling reciprocating double-acting compressor units of 2HD3-100/320:EG.

They are offered dry-running or with cylinder lubrication. The maximum number of cylinder axes is 6.

Following power ranges are covered by the new BORSIG ZM reciprocating compressor series:

Discharge pressure p= (10...1,000) bar
Flow rate V= (100 ... 115,000) m3/h
Coupling power P= (50 ... 16,000) kW

Our delivery program also includes:

- the assembly and commissioning of the reciprocating compressors at site
- the conversion and modernisation of reciprocating compressors
- the upgrading of control systems

Typical application fields of the BORSIG ZM reciprocating compressors for process gases are:

- chemical and petrochemical industry
- refinery technology
- oil and gas industry
- gas turbine power plants
- production, transportation and storage of natural gas

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