TORNADO® rotary lobe pump on wheels

for use at the most unusual of locations.

TORNADO® rotary lobe pump on wheels.

A TORNADO® rotary lobe pump fastened onto a mobile base – this is the NETZSCH TORNADO® Mobile. The concept of mounting the equipment onto a car or truck trailer makes it possible to pump large quantities of fluids with solid content, wastewater and slurries at the most unusual of sites. Based on the given application, a TORNADO® rotary lobe pump is selected in the appropriate size and then simply installed onto a trailer. High capacity and low space requirements make the TORNADO® Mobile ideal for use in any disaster situation. Catalog TORNADO® Mobil.


Pump type XLB-8/2
Bi-directional, self-priming rotary lobe pump, with pulsation-free helical lobes made from GG25 cast iron with NBR rubber coating, supported by two bearings. Adjustable housing half-shells and replaceable frontal wear plates.

Diesel Drive
Powerful Deutz 112 kW / 149 PS 4-cylinder diesel drive, 4-stroke direct injection engine, water cooler, fuel filter, air filter, injection pump, lubricating oil filter, oil pan, oil level dipstick, thermostat, cooling fan. 12 V starter. Soundproof hood ensures quiet operation. Suction filter, exhaust assembly with silencer.

Suction: 3 x DN 159 Perrot V Type; discharge: 3 x DN 159 V Type (Storz A or other types of connections also possible). Discharge ports on side of unit, each fitted with a blind cover; all pipes and flanges hot-dip galvanized.

Completely hot-dip galvanized; made from stable, torsionally rigid structural steel with drive consoles and vibration dampers. Stable, hinged front support wheel; 4 supports with hand crank. Overrun brake with auto-reverse, fitted with with DIN towing eye for truck hitching; tarp and bows. Total weight 3400 kg.

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