Well drilling, workover, production, and exploration


Company has business and partner relationships as well as exclusive dealership with a number of companies, manufacturing drilling, power and gas transfer equipment, compressor plants, spare parts, and products for oil & gas production and gas-refining industry.

The advanced portfolio includes drilling rigs and rig components to meet your needs. Company offers complete turnkey projects and tailored solutions in accordance with individual customers requirements.

Drilling Rigs.

Product catalogs.

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Bentec Catalog Rigs.pdf

Arctic Rig Cluster Slider HR 4000.pdf

Arctic Rig Cluster Slider HR 5000.pdf

Desert Rig 1500hp.pdf

Desert Rig 2000hp.pdf

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Euro Rig 450t (en).pdf

Euromatic Rig 480t.pdf

Cluster Slider™ is a rail-type rig for grouping of wells.

The modular type rig is designed for fast skidding from one location to another.


A new generation of highly mobile desert rigs.


Compact and highly flexible box-on-box type drilling rig to meet European transport and environmental regulations.


Drilling Equipment (Mechanical).

Product catalogs.

Bentec Catalog Mechanical Products.pdf

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Hydraulic Cathead.pdf

Mechanized Catwalk System.pdf

Mechanized Derrickman System.pdf

Mud Pump.pdf

Top Drive.pdf

Traveling Block.pdf

Top drive BENTEC TD-500-HT

The Bentec TD 500 HT top drive is an AC-motor-powered top drive developed for use as a portable or permanently installed unit on land and offshore applications. The compact size allows for many mast designs.

The top drive system is designed for rough conditions and complies with the strictest approvals for the drilling industry.

The top drive design is conform to the newest European CE-design standards and also conform to international API standards to maintain our customers with a very high safety level.


Drilling Equipment (Electrical).

Product catalogs.

Bentec Catalog Electrical Products.pdf

AC Motor.pdf

Anti Collision System.pdf

Color Camera System.pdf

Drillers Control Room.pdf

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Soft Pump System.pdf

Soft Torque Rotary System.pdf

Top Drive Control Room.pdf

Variable Frequency Drive.pdf

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