SC UPETROM – 1 MAI SA Ploiesti

SC UPETROM – 1 MAI SA Ploiesti





Established in 1905 UPETROM-1 MAI Ploiesti is the major manufacturer and exporter of equipment and technologies for oil extraction in Romania and South East Europe. The company has many years’ experience in design, manufacture and repair of oil equipment in compliance with international standards of oil industry, high technical achievements as of today. The company is a traditional Romanian supplier for the oil and gas industry, a major exporter of oil equipment from Romania to the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS, Asia, North, Central and South America and Africa. The range of products: drilling and workover rigs, blowout preventers, cementing and fracturing units, equipment for oil and gas drilling rigs. SC UPETROM – 1 MAI SA is a subsidiary of UPETROM GROUP.


In 2008, the plant UPETROM-1 MAI (Ploiesti) reached 100 years since the time of its foundation. The plant produces 80% of all oil and gas equipment in Romania.

In 1908 a group of businessmen laid the foundations of a company that came to be known UPETROM 1 MAI S.A. afterwards. They were simple repair shops for the petroleum industry, created to perform minimum essential maintenance of the components of oil equipment. The beginning was really modest, but, after a while, the great oil companies began to show interest in those workshops.

In the initial period of its existence, the workshops were successful in repair and maintenance, and then, started the production of drilling tools and equipment. In 1922, the said workshops joined the CONCORDIA Group, an industrial consortium, which possessed joint capital of Belgian, French and Romanian origin.

CONCORDIA developed rapidly during the inter-war period, when the industrial area was extended and all divisions were equipped with high-efficiency, time-proof machine tools and world-class equipment specific to those times. The defense requirements evoked by the World War II made CONCORDIA take part in strengthening the defence capability of the country, therefore the company turned exclusively to the manufacturing of weapons and military equipment.

After 1948, CONCORDIA became UZINA 1 MAI PLOIESTI and resumed manufacture of drilling equipment, thus carrying on a traditional operation of the company. The period that came after 1950 was significant in the company’s history, as it started with production of drilling rigs on the basis of Romanian concept and design. The company development was both extensive and intensive, new divisions and equipment came into existence, a top engineering level had been achieved.

In 1991, the company was given the trademark of Romanian drilling equipment - UPETROM, and in 1996, the name known before 1990 was added to the above one, so that today the name of the company is SC UPETROM – 1 MAI SA Ploiesti.

The company activity is based on a Quality Control and Monitoring System in accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements and certified by API QR.

The company also possesses 6 API product licenses.

The company also has permission to use and manufacture equipment in the Russian Federation

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